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Tankring BASIC incl. fastener for tankbag for Yamaha MT-09/SP (2021-2023)

SKU 5164573 00 01


Delivery time: 2-4 working days
Model-specific information: Not suitable for:, Street Enduro M, Epic 16, Same as universal tank ring 516006-5
Brand: Yamaha
Model: MT-09/SP
Year of production: 2021, 2022, 2023
Color: black
Weight (KG) 0.3
GTIN/EAN: 4042545740351
Simple and innovative at the same time - the BASIC tank ring 
This functional tank ring allows you to attach a tank bag from Hepco&Becker.
The scope of delivery includes a BASIC tank ring, as well as the fastener for tankbags, which can be individually screwed to the tank bag, depending on the shape of the tank and the angle of the handlebars. 
The tank cap can still be opened with the tank ring mounted without any problems. 
In general, all you need is this tank ring and a tank bag from H&B and you have everything you need.
Each model-specific tank ring is stored in the "My Bike" database for the respective motorcycle model. If no tank ring is stored, you can also use the checklist here in the shop to find out manually whether a universal tank ring is available for the desired model. (See main menu -> tank rings BASIC)
  • absolutely secure hold, even at high speeds
  • mechanical locking
  • easy handling
  • the Hepco&Becker tank bag is simply put on and locks audibly on the tank ring thanks to a sophisticated mechanism
  • unlocking: The mechanism is unlocked by a lashing strap in the direction of travel at the front of the tank bag; the tank bag is simply removed
  • simple but effective mechanics
  • recommended maximum speed with the tank bag installed: 130 km/h (Please note the motorcycle manufacturer's information, as well as the model-specific information on the instructions or here with the product
  • recommended load in the tank bag: approx. 3kg 
  • In Germany, tank bag systems do not require an ABE or entry in the papers.

Difference between Lock-it and BASIC tank rings:
The general function and operation remains the same. Compared to the Lock-it tank ring, however, the Basic tank ring only locks mechanically. The magnets of the Lock-it tank ring help with centering. The difference lies purely in the two magnet or plastic domes, which are screwed onto the tank ring. The actual model-specific "metal ring" is the same for both versions.
A notice:A tank bag with a Lock-it holder cannot be placed on a BASIC tank ring and vice versa. Tank bag holder and tank ring must be from the same system.
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