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General questions

Finding the right accessory for your motorcycle is not always easy!
That is why we have put together a small list of questions that arise frequently.


Here we clarify all questions about ordering online / offline.


Despite all the descriptions and pictures there are still unanswered questions ...

General questions
Every motorcycle offers different options for mounting luggage, protective parts or other accessories.
Depending on the motorcycle model, we have different systems on offer:
1. Lock-it side case carrier:
Side case carrier with quick release screws for mounting all Hepco & Becker hard side cases.
2. Side case carrier permanently mounted:
Side case carrier for mounting all Hepco & Becker hard side cases.
3. Complete carrier:
Set consisting of side case carrier and tubular luggage rack, which can only be installed together.
For all Hepco & Becker hard side cases and top cases with a lock. (Except Orbit Topcase and Topcases with universal plate)
4. C-Bow holder:
Special side holder to mount cases and bags in the C-Bow version.
5. Alurack top case carrier:
For assembling Hepco & Becker topcases. Universal top cases with a plastic plate do not fit.
6. Easyrack top case carrier:
For assembling Hepco & Becker topcases. Universal top cases with a plastic plate and the Orbit top case do not fit.
Functionality is the same as the aluminum rack, except that the upright bar can be folded down when the top case is not in use.
7. Tubular luggage rack with top case handle / top case carrier:
Model-specific tubular luggage rack for mounting Hepco & Becker topcases. Universal top cases with plastic plate,
as well as the Orbit topcase do not fit.
8. Sport rack:
Special luggage plate instead of the pillion seat for the assembly of soft luggage or luggage extension plates.
9. Minirack:
Special rear rack for mounting soft luggage. For models with limited rear loading. Topcase assembly not possible!
10. Luggage rack extension:
Rear widening for attaching luggage rolls or large bags. Topcase assembly not possible.
11. Tube bag holder for leather bags:
Special tubular saddlebag holder to which leather bags from Hepco & Becker can be attached with a quick-release fastener or fixed mounting.
12.Lock-it tank ring system:
Special tank ring which can be combined with our tank bags.
13. Engine and tank protection bars:
Model-specific protection bars which protect the driver and machine in the event of an accident.
In general, several parts can always be combined with one another. E.g. top case carrier and side case carrier.
If there are any restrictions, this is stated on the instructions or on the product itself.
As model-specific parts, we refer to products that only fit on a specific bike. e.g. pannier racks or engine protection bars.
Cases and bags, on the other hand, can be used universally and fit on the available carriers on many machines.
You can always find model-specific parts under the My Bike selection on the home page or the menu pages.
You can find suitable cases, bags and other universally usable parts in the main menu or for the carrier product itself as an accessory recommendation on the respective product detail page below.
If you already have an article number for the product in question, you can enter it in the search field on the home page.
Attention: Pay attention to the correct spelling!
610040 00 01
650655 00 09
Not correct:
610.040 0001
700 307
Item number of component parts from the assembly instructions are not listed in the online shop!
If you still can't find the part you need, contact us!
Mail: shop@hepco-becker.de
Tel: 06331 / 1453-222
We can deliver spare parts promptly for almost every product. A key, a complete locking mechanism or even a replacement component for a pannier rack.
1. Key / lock cylinder:
You can order these directly from us in the onlineshop. They can be found in the main menu under the spare parts.
To get the right key, we need the key number. This is either on the key or, in the case of older cases, on the outside of the lock cylinder, where you insert the key, next to the slot.
2. Complete lock mechanism
You can order case locks directly here in the online shop.
You can find various locks in the spare parts in the main menu.
3. Spare parts for luggage racks, protection bars or similar:
Universal spare parts for carriers can be found under spare parts in the main menu.
Model-specific straps for pannier racks, individual pages or screw kits can only be ordered via email. The quickest way is to download the installation instructions stored with the product here in the shop and pick out the individual parts. This is the quickest way for us to know exactly which parts are involved and we can help as soon as possible.
4.Spare parts for cases and topcases:
You can also find these directly via the main menu in the spare parts section.
1. Hard side case:
Side cases Junior, Journey, Gobi, Xplorer, Standard and Xceed fit side case racks, Lock-it side case racks and full racks.
2. Topcases:
Junior, Journey, Gobi, Xplorer, Standard and Xceed topcases fit on the Alurack, Easyrack and normal tubular luggage rack topcase carriers.
The Orbit Topcase only fits on the aluminum rack.
Journey topcases with universal pallets can only be mounted on existing third-party carriers using the enclosed plastic plate.
They do not fit model-specific aluminum racks, easy racks and tubular luggage racks, top case carriers.
3. C-Bow bags and cases:
Side cases in the C-Bow version only fit on a C-Bow side carrier.
Not compatible with the Krauser K-Wing system, which works and looks similar!
4. Leather bags with quick release fasteners:
Leather bags without a C-Bow holder only fit on the normal tubular bag holder.
The bags are then attached to the tubular bag holder either by means of a quick-release fastener or by means of a fixed assembly.
5. Tank bags:
Almost all tank bags can only be attached using a model-specific tank ring. Exception: "Daypack small" (conventional magnetic attachment on metal tank)
6. Old side cases and topcases:
Even old side cases and top cases from the first junior series always fit new carriers. The basic mounting frame has not changed.
Very old classic cases / BMW cases or Krauser K1 cases no longer fit our carriers.
All model-specific carriers can be found under the selection My Bike.
Matching cases and bags can be found in the main menu.
The tank bag system from Hepco & Becker is a quickly removable lock-it system. 2 products are required for this:
  • a model-specific tank ring including tank bag counter holder
  • a tank bag from Hepco & Becker.
The tank ring is mounted on the tank cap, the tank bag counter holder, which is included with the tank ring, on the bag: Done!
The tank cap can be opened without any problems after the tank ring has been fitted.
When using a second tank bag on a tank ring, an additional locking unit is required when ordering.
This can be ordered separately: Article number: 506000
Here is a short video to explain the functionalities of the system:
Assembly video of a tank ring using the Ducati Musltistrada 950 as an example: Video
Assembly video of the tank bag counter holder: Video
You can find mounting instructions for almost every product as a .pdf file.
No ABE or entry in the papers is required for add-on parts such as luggage systems or e.g. engine protection bars. Proof of the general operating permit (ABE) is only required for center stands and our twinlights.
You can find it at the respective center stand or twinlight on the product pages as a PDF download.
In addition, we have the general ABE for download here as a pdf:
All other parts either have an E mark or are exempt from registration. Luggage systems, sissy bars and engine protection bars generally do not require an ABE or registration.
We have also summarized general service information and assembly instructions:

Service and assembly information
In general, the assembly of almost all parts can be accomplished with a little manual skill without any problems. If you are not sure, please ask at your trusted specialist workshop or contact us directly. We offer an in-house cultivation service, which can be used by prior arrangement.
We enclose detailed installation instructions with every product. An assembly should be able to be carried out on the basis of this. It is helpful to read these instructions before purchasing. This way you can better assess whether you should do the assembly yourself or at least the specialist workshop. Installation instructions are available for each product in the web shop.
As a rule, no special tools are required for assembly.
Due to the manufacturing tolerances of our model-specific products and the tolerances of the motorcycle manufacturers, these tolerance classes may overlap. In exceptional cases, this can lead to problems during assembly.
In the event of installation problems, proceed as follows:
  • Before starting the installation, read the installation and assembly instructions carefully.
  • If necessary, observe the special instructions given on installation on the service information sheet and the installation instructions. You can also download the general service booklet.
  • When mounting, first screw in all screws loosely. Only when all screws have been screwed into the thread should you gradually tighten all screws with the specified torque.
  • Should you still get stuck, we'd be happy to help! Send us a description and, if possible, 2-3 pictures that clearly show the problem. We will then find a solution to the problem!
1. Loading:
Apart from the following general information, please note the installation instructions stored with the product plus model-specific restrictions!
Hard shell side case on the case carrier = 10 kg per side case
Top cases on a top case carrier (Alurack, Easyrack, tubular luggage rack) = 3-5 kg ​​in the top case
C-Bow holder = 5 kg per side pocket
Sportrack = 7 kg In the case of higher loads, it is recommended that the luggage is lashed with the entire rear at the same time. Locking a pillion seat is usually only designed for a seat load from top to bottom. In the case of potholes, for example, great forces act in both directions if luggage is only lashed to the sports rack.
Please note product-specific information as well as information from the motorcycle manufacturer.
They are recommendations. This information may vary depending on the model.
2. Maximum speed:
When using luggage systems, a maximum speed of 130 km / h is specified.
Please note!
Attachment parts can change the motorcycle's center of gravity to its disadvantage.
This can lead to a change in the handling characteristics of the motorcycle.
In addition to the statutory warranty period of 2 years, we have also been offering a voluntary warranty of 5 years since 2016.
In addition to the statutory warranty to which the consumer is entitled to his seller, Hepco & Becker assumes this manufacturer's guarantee for products to consumers.
It applies without prejudice to mandatory statutory liability provisions, such as under the Product Liability Act, in cases of willful intent and gross negligence, due to injury to life, limb or health by Hepco & Becker or its vicarious agents.
“Consumer” in the sense of this manufacturer's guarantee is any natural person who is the owner of the product and has not acquired it in order to resell it or to install it for third parties as part of their commercial or independent professional activity.
"First customer" is the consumer who first purchased the product from Hepco & Becker, a dealer or another natural or legal person who resells or installs the product as part of their commercial or independent professional activity.
In addition to the rights from the guarantee, the buyer is entitled to the statutory warranty. These rights, which may be more favorable for the buyer, are not restricted by the guarantee. The guarantee also does not affect the rights that the first customer and, if applicable, the consumer have against the seller from whom the first customer purchased the product.
This manufacturer's warranty only covers Hepco & Becker products that meet all of the following limitations and exclusions and both of which have a date of purchase from January 2016.
Guarantee period:
This guarantee is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase by the first customer, but no more than 6 years after manufacture. The guarantee period is not extended due to the granting of services within the scope of this guarantee, in particular not in the case of repairs or replacements. In these cases, the guarantee period does not start again.
When buying from a dealer:
Please note that you must inform your dealer immediately (or within a reasonable period of time - depending on the type of anomaly) of any anomaly that you have discovered.
Warranty Exclusions:
This warranty excludes:
Defects that are not caused by defects in material or workmanship.
This guarantee does not apply to claims for defective construction. Furthermore, damage caused by force majeure, accidental damage, normal wear and tear, misuse or improper handling are excluded from this guarantee. Furthermore, this warranty does not cover a motorcycle, component or part of the same if it has been structurally altered, modified or neglected, inadequately maintained or used for racing or other purposes for which it was not designed and manufactured became. Damage or defects caused by improper maintenance; Surface defects as a result of external unsusceptible stress, heat, cold or contamination; Driver error or misuse; improper alignment, tension, adjustment, or height adjustment of components; improper maintenance; modified components; Use of retrofit or unapproved components, accessories or attachments; Repairs after the warranty period has expired.
Damage or defects caused by misuse, accident, fire or other causes that cannot be traced back to defects in material or workmanship. This warranty does not cover personal losses or expenses such as mileage, transportation, hotel accommodation, meals, shipping and handling costs, motorcycle pick-up or delivery, replacement rental vehicles, loss of vehicle use, lost profits, or loss of vacation or leisure time.
The exclusive legal warrant for a violation of this guarantee is, at Hepco & Becker's discretion, the repair or replacement of defective materials, components or products. Any further rights under this guarantee are excluded. This warranty does not affect any statutory rights that you have due to defects in your motorcycle under applicable law.
If any of the above provisions are overridden by federal, state, or local law, all other warranty terms will continue to apply. Please discuss any warranty cases with your sales contract partner. If they need additional support, they can get in touch with the responsible contact person at Hepco & Becker.
Place of performance, place of jurisdiction and applicable law German law applies to this guarantee, excluding the UN Sales Convention (CISG) of April 11, 1980. Fulfillmentor
In the event that something is wrong with your order, we grant our customers a 30-day right of return.
You can find a return label and general instructions on how to return goods in the cancellation policy or under the following link: Return information
General return address for manual returns:
Hepco & Becker GmbH
Online shop returns
An der Steinmauer 6
66955 Pirmasens
A fall over, unwanted contact with the ground or other influences can also cause serious damage to a high-quality product from our company. In most cases, the parts can be repaired. So if you have a defective product, contact us. In most cases, we can professionally repair your parts. If a repair is not possible, we usually find an accommodating solution to the problem. Individual parts from complete products are also no problem for us.
In order to be able to assess the situation as best as possible in advance, please send us a sufficient description as well as meaningful pictures of the problem. We will then coordinate the further procedure with you.
Mail: shop@hepco-becker.de
Tel: (+49) 0 6331/1453 - 222


Chrome-plated and powder-coated parts have a sensitive surface. Make sure that no sharp edges damage the coating, otherwise moisture will penetrate underneath and peel it off.

Therefore, repaint damaged areas immediately and protect them against corrosion. Stainless steel as a material is easy to care for, but not maintenance-free.

For cleaning, we recommend clear, lukewarm water, washing-up liquid and a soft cloth. Then rinse immediately and rub dry to avoid streaking. After drying, treat with polish, which forms a dirt-repellent protective film and allows water to roll off.

Do not use steel wool, scouring powders, cleaners that contain strong acids (such as lime scale remover), chloride-containing detergent and silver polish.


Care instructions for chrome-plated surfaces:

·         Clean chrome-plated parts on a regular basis with lukewarm water and the cleaning additives approved for motor bike or car care. (The frequency depends on the time of year and how dirty your vehicle is.)

·         Always dry chrome-plated parts after cleaning so as to prevent the formation of water spots caused by lime residue.

·         Abrasive residue deposits can form over time and damage the surface of chrome-plated parts, especially in inaccessible areas of the vehicle. (Use suitable tools such as long-handled brushes to reach such areas when cleaning).

·         Chrome-plated parts should be polished on a regular basis, even if the chrome-plated surface still looks very clean. Doing so can remove abrasive dirt residue from the microscopic scratches on the surface. (This cleaning and polishing process can be performed with virtually any commercially available chrome care products.)

·         A slightly more effective treatment is required for chrome-plated surfaces where heavy deposits have already formed. But even these badly affected surfaces can usually be treated to remove all residue.



Care instructions for Legacy line:

It is exclusively recommended to handwash with lukewarm water and appropriate for the material involved washing agent. Better often and with less washing agent than rarely with plenty of washing agent. Rough dirt can be cleaned with a smooth brush and clear water. For cleaning the lining it‘s recommended to use hand warm soapy solution. Follow up with carefuly squeezing it with clear water.


Do not wash or skid in washing machine. Color or handle feeling can be loosed by incorrect cleaning.


Tips for leather: To prevent a natural aging of the leather it is recommended to use our high-quality Legacy leather care. The leather mount the fluid immediatly, secures against drying and increases the persistence as well as the weather resistance.


Tips for textil: The used material is pretreated dirt- and water-repellent and also coated one-sided, but we recommend another sealing of the material. It is approved to refresh the waterproofing of the bag in dry condition as needed and after every cleaning. Ideally is a spray textile proofer, because the outside material can be directly treated. With heat input, for example with a hair dryer with low temperature in a 10-15 cm distance, you can reactivate the waterproof effect. Warm the dry bag, impregnate it and afterwards input heat again.


Tips for stitches: Products for stitch sealing are mostly sold in small bottles with an applicator in the lid, which has to be rolled over the stitches.


Tips for accessories: Rough-running metal zipper‘s can be easily and reliable fixed with wax, lead or oil.




Care instructions for Xtravel, Royster, Street Serie:

To clean the bags, use a warm soapy water at around 50°C and a soft cloth or sponge. Do not use organic solvents such as petrol or thinners. Also suitable for maintenance is a textile proofer. Attention: Spray only on the fabric surfaces of the bags, not on plastic parts of the motorcycle and the holding system.


You can order products from Hepco & Becker as follows:
1. Our official online shop:
Here in the online shop you will find all the parts from our overall program, up-to-date on a daily basis. With the "In the shopping cart" function you can put the required part in the shopping cart and then bring it to the checkout. In the following steps you will be guided through the ordering process and can choose payment and shipping.
Order comments can be added in the last step.
2. Email:
You are also welcome to send us an email with the parts you need. We will then send you an offer via a reply email. Please write us your delivery address directly so that we can complete the offer.
3. Telephone:
If you are absolutely unfamiliar with the Internet, we can also take your order over the phone. However, due to possible transmission errors in address or bank details, the written way is usually the better one.
4. Motorcycle dealers
Thanks to a Germany-wide, dense dealer network, you can also order products from Hepco & Becker directly in your area. Almost all motorcycle dealers have our products in their range and at the same time offer a mounting service.
To find a dealer, click here: Dealer search
5. Dealer access:
Listed dealers have the option of requesting online access so that they can then order in the web shop. All we need is an email address. You will then receive the access data via email. Please contact: 06331-1453-222
6. Factory outlet:
In our factory in Pirmasens (Germany)  you have the opportunity to buy goods directly on site. It is advisable to call briefly beforehand whether the required parts are in stock. See the item opening times in our FAQ
Availability telephone and mail contact

Mon - Thu
8:00 am - 12:00 pm and 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Opening times of the Pirmasens factory outlet
Mon - Thu
8:00 am - 12:00 pm and 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
It is advisable to call in advance whether the required parts are available. Tel: +49 0 6331 1453-100

Cultivation service (open, but only by appointment)
We also offer an in-house cultivation service by our technical staff. If you want to have the parts you ordered assembled right away, please make an appointment.
Tel: 06331 / 1453-100 or email: vertrieb@hepco-becker.de
You are welcome to contact us. There are various options available to you for this.
Tel: (+49) 0 6331/1453 - 222
Mail: shop@hepco-becker.de

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we would like to inform you that we will be closed for the holidays from December 20, 2023, until January 2, 2024. We will resume operations on January 3, 2024, and will gradually process your orders. We kindly ask for your understanding regarding any delays during this period.

We sincerely thank you for your loyalty and wish you happy holidays and a great start to the new year!