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Our Company History: Over 50 Years of Excellence at Hepco & Becker

For over four decades, Hepco & Becker has been synonymous with the highest quality, innovation, and passion in the motorcycle accessories industry. Our company's history is characterized by continuous development, technical mastery, and a strong connection to the global motorcycle community.

The Beginnings (1970s)


The cornerstone for our company was laid in 1973. Ing. Franz Becker, a visionary founder, started the company as a one-man business. His commitment and passion for the industry shaped our beginnings. Unfortunately, his journey ended in a tragic accident in 1975. But his legacy was carried on by Paul Ehrhardt (Sen.), who took the lead. He continued the success story of with determination and commitment.


  • Franz Becker develops the oil chain box.
  • Paul Ehrhardt (sen.) works for him as a student.


  • Franz Becker dies in an accident.
  • Paul Ehrhardt (sen.) continues to run the business.


  • The development of tailor-made luggage racks begins under the direction of Paul Ehrhardt (Sen).

Innovation and Expansion (1980s and 1990s)


The 1980s and 1990s were marked by intense innovation and expansion. Hepco & Becker established itself as a pioneer in developing luggage systems, protective components, and carrier solutions for motorcycles. Close collaboration with motorcycle manufacturers and riders enabled us to offer tailor-made solutions that seamlessly integrated into the design and functionality of various motorcycle models.


  • the first "Becker plastic case" with an aluminum profile sees the light of day. Here you can see the "Becker Boy".


  • Foundation of Hepco&Becker GmbH by Paul Erhardt and Dietrich Kühl.
  • Launch of the already legendary "Junior" case.


  • The production of the chain cases is discontinued.
  • The first "Exclusive" aluminum case is presented.


  • Cruisers and choppers are becoming increasingly popular, Hepco&Becker is expanding its range to include leather bags and sissy bars.


  • After insolvency and the takeover of the trademark rights by Hepco&Becker, Krauser GmbH was re-established


  • The "Journey" case series becomes another milestone in the company's history.
  • The "Alu Standard" is developed as a large series of the "Exclusive" aluminum case.

Global Presence (2000s)


With the beginning of the new millennium, Hepco & Becker expanded its presence beyond the borders of Germany. Our products gained worldwide recognition for their quality, durability, and versatile applications. The expansion of our product range included not only classic luggage systems but also innovative accessories for adventure travel and the growing sector of adventure touring.


  • Development and start of production of main stands.
  • The "Journey" case series has been further developed.


  • The innovative double-walled plastic case "Gobi" - named after the world-famous desert - is developed.


  • Thanks to the "Lock it" locking system, luggage racks can now be easily attached and detached in just a few simple steps.


  • The idea of a robust and innovative aluminum case led to the development of the "Xplorer" aluminum case series.


  • A logistical challenge is the relocation of production, storage and administration to the new location in Primasens.


  • The "C-Bow" soft luggage system combines the advantages of soft bags with classic carriers.


  • The Lock-it tank ring with a magnetic-mechanical fastening system (patented Fid Lock) is developed.
  • The first tank bag series "Street Tourer" for the Lock-it tank ring is presented.


  • The range is expanded with the new "Royster" soft luggage.


  • Presentation of the new hard-shell case Orbit Sidecase for C-Bo holders at the Intermot in Cologne.


  • Presentation of the new Xceed Titan aluminum case at the EICMA in Milan.


  • Extension of the legacy product line.
  • Change in company management.


  • Presentation of the new bag series Xtravel, Royster Rearbag Sport and Legacy tank bag M at the EICMA in Milan
  • Reintroduction of the first generation "Street" side bags in the teardrop shape of the time - "Street Reloaded"

Sustainable Future (Present and Outlook)


Today, we proudly look back on our successful company history while eagerly anticipating the future. While the motorcycle landscape may evolve, our commitment to excellent accessories and our connection to the motorcycle community remain unwavering. We embrace sustainable materials, modern manufacturing techniques, and continuous product innovations to meet the demands of our customers.

Our history at Hepco & Becker is characterized by passion, teamwork, and the pursuit of perfection. We extend our gratitude to our customers, partners, and employees for their support on this exciting journey. Together, we look forward to continuing to develop products that enhance the motorcycle experience and accompany riders all around the world.


  • Facelift of the popular Street C-Bow side bag.
  • Presentation of the new Xplorer TC60.
  • Expansion at the Pirmasens site: start of construction of a new hall.


  • Completion of the new hall.
  • Increased focus on sustainability: construction of a photovoltaic system.
  • Presentation of the new universal steel canister set for attachment to C-Bow holders - especially for choppers and cruisers.   


  • Presentation of the new "Xtravel tail bag XL".
  • Presentation of the new and larger "Royster Neo" side bags.
  • Presentation of the new leather case "Rugged Chest" for rear luggage racks.
  • Acquisition of a welding robot for the production of large series. 


  • Presentation of the new EPIC tank bags
  • To be continued 

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Our team is the heart of our success, and we value teamwork, respect, and openness, as together we can achieve our goals. If you are ready to go the extra mile with us and make a positive impact on our company, we look forward to getting to know you. Let's shape the future together and continue our success story!
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The rhino became a fixed term of the Hepco & Becker brand. It embodies independence and robustness, strength and durability, like all items that come from Hepco & Becker. The rhino is very popular with many motorcyclists.
In the wild, rhinos have a certain autonomy and resilience, strength and stubbornness that makes them as resilient as we are and our products. As a result, sustainability and stability have become important values for us, which are firmly anchored in the quality and durability of our products. And to which we stubbornly cling, like a pachyderm.

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