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F.A.Q – frequently asked questions

Finding the right aftermarket equipment, isn´t always that easy!
That´s why we listed a couple of question, which are asked frequently.

  1. I want to order a luggage system form my motorcycle! What are the possibilities? How do the different systems work? 

  2. How do I find specifically fitting parts for my motorcycle?

  3. I need spare parts, keys or locks

  4. Which cases fit on which carriers?

  5. How does the Tankbagsystem work?

  6. Instructions for assembly and Vehicle Type Approval (ABE)

  7. Permitted loading and speed limit

  8. Ordering

  9. Opening hours: factory sale & hotline service

  10. repair service

If your questions were not answerd to your complete satisfaction, please send us an email to: shop@hepco-becker.de or use the contact form.
Please ensure the completeness of your inquiry: 

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Brand
  4. Model
  5. Year of construction
  6. Productname

Only with those informations we can promise a fast handling without raising a query on your inquiry.
General informations to all our products you can find on our Youtube Channel in following playlist: