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Payload / Max speed

1. Payload:

Except for following general advices, please check possible, vehicle-specific strictures on the instruction manual!

  • Hard side cases on the side carrier = 10 kg per sidecase
  • Top-cases on a topcase-carrier (Alurack, Easyrack, Rear rack tube construction) = 3-5 kg in a topcase 
  • C-Bow carrier = 3-5 kg per side bag
  • Sportrack = 5-7 kg, when loaded with more than 5 kg, please fix the cargo additionally on your frame. Regularly passenger seats are developed for top load. Riding over a pothole may cause forces in both directions, up and down.

Please attend to product specific advices, as well as advices given from the motorcycle producers.
These are recommendations, depending on your model, they can vary.

2. Max speed:

  • Using a side case or a topcase the maximum speed shouldn´t exceed 130 km/h
  • For soft and leather bags it is the same
  • Please note!
    Mounting parts and luggage on your bike can cause emphasis, that can change the handling of your bike