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Which cases fit on which carrier?

1. Hard Cases:
Sidecases Junior, Journey, Gobi, Xplorer, Standard und Xceed fit on the side case carrier, Lock-it side case carrier and complete carrier.

2. Top cases:
Junior, Journey, Gobi, Xplorer, Standard and Xceed Topcases fit on the Alurack, Easyrack, as well as the regular rear rack tube construction.
The Orbit top case only fits the Alurack.
Journey top cases with universal plate can only be mounted on existing carriers from other brands by using the plastic plate, which is allready included with the purchase of the top case.
They do not fit on vehicle-specific Aluracks, Easyracks and rear racks.

3. C-Bow bags and cases:
C-Bow side bags do only fit on a C-Bow carrier.
They are not compatible with the Krauser K-Wing system, which function and look is pretty similar.

4. Leather bags with quick lock:
Leather bags without C-Bow adapter do only fit on the regular bag holder tube type.
The bags can either be mounted with help of quick locks or fixed permanent on the bag holder.

5. Tank bags:
Almost all tank bags can only be mounted with a vehicle-specific tank ring.

Exception: "Daypack small" (average magnet for steel tanks)

6. old cases and top cases:
Even old side cases and top cases, starting with the first Junior series ever made, still fit on our carrier. The basis didn´t change.
Really old, classic cases, BMW cases or Krauser K1 cases do not fit on our carriers any more. 

All vehicle-specific Carriers are listed in My Bike.
Suitable cases and bags can be found in our main menu under the link products.

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