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How do I get spare parts, keys or complete locks?

We can deliver spare parts for almost every product within a few days. It doesn´t matter if it is just a key, a complete lock system or even a component part of a case carrier.

1. Key / locking cylinder: 
These are directly available in our online shop. Find them here.
In order to find the right key, we need the key number.
You can find it either on the key or older cases have it on the outside of the lock besides the cylinder.

2. Lid- and carrier holding locks:
Keys for cases can be ordered directly in our online shop. You can find different keylock cylinders here spare parts 

3. Spare parts for racks, protection bars and similar:
Universal spare parts for carriers you can find here
Vehicle-specific loops for case carriers, single side parts or screw sets can only be ordered by email.
The fastest way to do so, is to download the instruction manual which is linked to the product. There you will find a drawing with the single components you need, so we can act and help as quickly as possible.

4. Spare parts for cases and top cases:
Those can be found directly by the product listed in the main menu or by choosing the menu point spare parts.
There the product will be shown you, for example named as “spare parts Xplorer case”.
In this category all the spare parts for this case are listed and can be ordered.


Any questions:
Mail: shop@hepco-becker.de
Tel: 06331/1453-222